About Us
Why do we feel the need to have
our own website?
It's not that we think our life is any
more interesting than yours, but it's
likely to be somewhat of a departure
from the norm since we are no longer
identified as "Texans," but rather as
"Expats." We have been living in
Jakarta, Indonesia since 29 June 2005.
And who the heck are "we"?
For the purposes of the web, we are simply Alissa, Christopher, Annaliese, and
Arianna.  If you need more specifics, you probably needn't bother with this website.
What more is there to say?
We make no guarantee, expressed or implied, about the entertainment value, the
visual quality, the electronic integrity, or intellectual merit of this website.  We just
thought this would make it easier to write everybody we know, instead of just
one at a time. Any suggestions about improving this website should be made in
person (so you can show me how.)
Took more tennis and
bahasa Indonesia
(language) lessons.
Annaliese turns 17 soon.
As of January 30, we
have been here in Jakarta
for 7 months.
News Highlights
Arianna starts a new
season of soccer.