We put the older stuff in here, hence the name...
30 June 2005
1 July 2005
21 - 24 July 2005
11 August 2005
29 October - 6 November
17 December  -
8 January 2006
25 March - 2 April 2006
Alissa's first day at work.  
See Javalogues 2-5
Our first visit to Bali. See
Javalogue 6, album 2
First day at Jakarta
International School (JIS).
Fall break for JIS.
Annaliese went to Bali
with friends.
Arianna went to China on
a MS trip.
Christopher and Alissa
went to Bali.
End of term and holiday
break for JIS. We went to
Perth and SW Australia on
the 26th of December and
came home on the 3rd of
January. See album 8
Spring break for JIS.  
Went to Istanbul. See
Javalogue 23
The date we arrived in
Jakarta. See Javalogue 1
Old News - Highlights
June-August 2006
Houston, San Francisco, Estes
Park, New Braunfels, Austin,
Santa Fe
August 2006
Bangkok - See  album 13
October 2006
Fall Break -- see photo
album 15 (Arianna in
South Africa) and
Javalogue 27 (Bali)
These feline fotos actually pre-date our move to
Indonesia. They were taken while we still lived in Houston.
Two of these cats have joined us in Jakarta; the remaining
three are in the custody of various generous others.
November 2006
We abandon further
attempts to keep up this
already rather spotty
calendar (but we might
someday get back to it).
Perhaps obviously, these are links to the photo albums.
I'll try to eventually get in here and create an index of some sort -- not that anyone's clamoring for it. Same goes for the photo albums, below.
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