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For Valentines Day, we went to eat dinner at Jewel of India.  It is the best Indian
food we have found in Jakarta.  As usual, I ordered for us, and I ordered too
much food.  We had tandoori chicken, rogan josh, navrataaan jalfreezi, chicken
masala, palaak paneer, naan, and pulua.  So the next night, last night, we had

There are a number of good restaurants here.  We discovered a new one last
weekend: Sahara.  Moroccan and Tunisian food.  Christopher and Annaliese had a
grilled meats platter with couscous and I had a lamb shank in a nice stew/sauce.  
The bread was excellent, as was the hummus.  The only complaint is the price of
water -- $2.50 per bottle.  

Saturday night will be Annaliese's birthday party.  It is going to be a murder
mystery dinner party.  The Maiming of the Shrew.  Annaliese's Queen Illicibeth.  
She's having a dress made for this event and went to her fitting today.  She
wanted more bustle.   The menu will include asparagus soup, salad, pasta
(Annaliese particularly wants some sort of pasta), prime rib, and dessert.  I
haven't decided on the dessert yet.  Five courses -- a Twelth Night dinner

Arianna and I bought Annaliese's birthday presents while we were in Singapore
this past weekend.  But I can't tell you what they are, just in case Annaliese reads
this before Monday.

Christopher has not been feeling great lately.  He's keeping track of how he feels.  
Here's most of today's notes:
Christmas Present now in use
Mary, Queen of Schnapps
Calibon, the Abbot, and Sophia Bottomsworth
The backs of Calibon, the Abbot,
and Sophia Bottomsworth, with
Mary, Queen of Schnapps, Queen
Illicibeth, Spamlet, Prince of
Hallmarke, and Gridlock, Merchant
of Tennis
The Queen admiring a new bit of
royal jewelry.
Javalogue 20:  February 16 - 19, 2006                       
the Javalogue
16 February 2006 Activity Journal

Woke up, had two cups of tea (with full milk, sugar, and Splenda) and most of an orange,
sent family to work and school
Ran in the neighborhood for 30 minutes, cooled off in pool, showered, ate very large bowl
of Frosted Flakes cereal while reading the paper; small movement around the house
Sat at the computer (phone call with Steve ~9:15-9:45)
Still at the computer; experiencing slight wooziness... nothing like a blackout, rather a
sort of cloudiness in the brain beginning at 9:45; I find myself breathing a little heavily, as
one does to stem nausea (although I am not at all nauseated)
Episode more or less done with; some lingering sense of slight fatigue; got up for a large
glass of water and a cup of coffee (with sugar, Splenda, and full milk); no noticeable
change in sensation when up and about (i.e., still lingering, but neither exacerbated nor
Back at computer…
Still at computer… Nothing unusual.  Feeling normal.
Still at computer… A little woozy… not entirely right.  About go by car to JIS.
Ate a few handsful of peanuts and raisins, one granola bar, Dr. Pepper; no problems in car
Meeting with Annaliese and Mr. Mosselle; felt fine
Ate French fries and had an iced coffee
In car, to seamstress, home; feeling fine, no dizziness
At computer, a little hungry (or something)
As you can see, it's a very exciting life he leads.  (Actually, this was a very slow
day for him.)  After all that, he went back to the clinic at 6 pm and had his thyroid
checked with an ultrasound.  It's fine.  He would have gotten the results of his
blood work and urinalysis also, but the doctor was not there.  He'll have to go
back tomorrow.  

Next weekend we are going to go to one of the island resorts as the girls have a
four-day weekend.  The islands are about an hour's boat ride away and are
supposed to be very nice for resting, snorkeling, skiing, and such.  I don't really
know much about it as it was a spur-of-the-moment decision to go.

And it looks like Christopher will be letting go the new maid.  Arianna had some
money in a box in her room (from her birthday) and although all the money was
there on Tuesday morning, more than half the money is now gone.  So as a test,
Christopher put some money in my slacks pocket and put the slacks in the
laundry.  The slacks have been washed and are in my closet.  He went around
asking for things he had misplaced... and no offer of money was forthcoming.  Ah
well.  This sort of thing happens, apparently.  We are told there is nothing to do
but to tell her 'it just isn't working out.'  She is still within her first month (trial
month).  But Christopher already has another maid in mind that he interviewed
just a few weeks ago.

Additional Remarks from the Christopher of the family:
I'm not wild about the invasive inclusion of my dear diary, but I'll leave it be. I
mostly wanted to expound upon the 1:15-2:45 meeting with Mr. Moselle and
Annaliese. He's the college-placement counselor and this was the first of our
individual discussions on finding the right school for our practically 17-year-old
daughter. We were able to narrow it down to a large or small college or
university in the south, northwest, central, or northeast United States. Further
winnowing is required.

February 19, Sunday
We're recovering from Annaliese's party last night.  Recovering means I'm
cleaning up the house, washing dishes, etc., and everyone else is doing other,
non-cleaning-the-house things.

Annaliese's party was a resounding success.  Everyone had a great time; there was
much laughter.  And second helpings of the dessert -- a modified trifle.  They
even suggested having another murder mystery party.  But no prime rib -- it
couldn't be found in Jakarta, so we made due with tenderloin and English peas.

Later today we are taking Annaliese to lunch for her birthday -- and she's going
to go in a bajai.  Arianna suggested that as a good present for Annaliese.  Monday
night we'll have dinner here at the house, with her receiving her anxiously
awaited birthday presents.