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Jakarta -- For those of us not gallivanting around Kalimantan

As you might guess, the one gallivanting around Kalimantan in search of
orangutans is Christopher.  The rest of us are here in Jakarta dealing with
all the irritating little oopses that seem to occur when he is not here.

This morning's oops:

5:15 am, I am in the kitchen, making the first pot of tea.  The guard, Yudi,
taps on the window and says, "Boom, water!" and points to the kitchen
water heater, making downward arm motions.   After much back and forth
(Yudi's English is a bit limited and my minimal Bahasa Indonesia does not
include things like "water heater"), the arrival of the day guard, Leo, and
my driver, Yanto, the warehouse is called (twice, I think…) and just about
the time I'm ready to get my now cool tea and go shower (behind
schedule, for sure) Arianna comes in and says, "There's no water
upstairs."  So she goes to take a shower in my room (we all have separate
water heaters.)  And back she comes, "You don't have any water, either."  
She goes to school, Annaliese stays home, ostensibly to get ready for her
AP US History exam, and I send an e-mail to the housing group, throw on
some clothes and go take a shower at the fitness center at work.  I am only
2 minutes late to my morning staff meeting.  It's a good thing the meeting
was one of the big ones, complete with scrambled eggs, bacon (beef),
fruit, tea, pastries, waffles, crepe-like pancakes that were reeeaaaally
good, and juice.

This afternoon's oops:

1:00 pm, I get an SMS from Annaliese:  "Mom, Bachtiar isn't here.  Call
me." Bachtiar is the other driver, usually for Christopher.  When I call
Annaliese, she is off with Sara, who has picked her up to take her to her
AP test.  Bachtiar apparently forgot/didn't understand that he was work
this afternoon.  Sara gives Annaliese a ride home, as well.

Did we mention that the furniture store took away my shoe cabinet?  One
of the doors was warped.  Now all my shoes are stacked around the edges
of the dressing room and our bedroom.  I have many shoes.  And I really
need a pair of hot pink shoes.  And lime green.  I have pale pink, and pale
green, and medium pink (that now that I think about it, I don't know where
they are...), but I really need bright pink or fuchsia.  I have a new pair of
berkenstocks, only they are called Betulas, and they are very orange.  I
bought them at the end of the day on a business trip to Singapore and my
feet were really tired and needed something without a heel and there they
were... just waiting for me to buy them.  I like them.  They come in bright
pink, too, but the store didn't have the pink in my size.  My girls have
inherited my love of shoes.  So far we have managed to contain Arianna's
collection on the premise that her feet are still growing.

(Christopher is back from Kalimantan (actually we're all back from Spring
Break) and I'll just fill up this page with pictures from his trip. )
Various means of transportation....
Can you guess what those flying things are?  No,
they're not buzzards... Bats!  Really big bats.
Proboscis monkeys...  you know the ones.
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Javalogue 22:  22 March 2006                       Wednesday
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