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Jakarta -- But this page is about Istanbul and Ephesus
the trash bin outside our front wall
The Blue Mosque, Istanbul
These mosaics were found by accident, and were
almost ruined by inappropriate and destructive
methods of "preservation."  They are in Istanbul,
in the Agasta Bazaar.
The rest of these photos are from Ephesus, including the one
of the pomegranates.  Gorgeous, aren't they?!  Above right, the
library.  To the immediate right, public restroom or
conversation stations?  Below... Nike and the girls.
Javalogue 23:  05 April 2006                       
the Javalogue
These four photos are in the Basilica Cistern.  
Underground water storage into beautiful art.  
Medusa, above right, is quite a sight.  We met up with
Amy and had a great day touring the Cistern and
Topkapi, and then went to dinner.  Kebabs, of course.
In our last episode, our intrepid adventurer had just returned from Kalimantan.
That was on a Thursday night and we were onboard an Emirates flight to
Istanbul the next evening. Actually, it was a wretched itinerary. It had us stopping
in Singapore and Colombo, Sri Lanka, and then laying over for eight hours in
Dubai. I was distinctly unimpressed with EK’s economy class. And a visit within
Dubai offered nothing to entice us back. However, Istanbul was (need it be
said?) a Turkish delight. I’m sure I took far too many standard-issue snapshots
of the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia, but they’re so very photogenic, and
they were just always perched right there, asking to be photographed. Our
sojourn down to the vast and stunning ruins of Ephesus was very much
We saw Amy Burton twice—the first time was on Sunday, our first full day. She
joined us for a look through Topkap1 (notice that, linguistic prig that I am, I’ve
tried to write it without the dot on that “i”, thus rendering it correctly and
encouraging the proper pronunciation ‘top kap uh’). Then we met up with a
Turkish girlfriend of hers and went for a late lunch/early dinner. We saw her
again on Friday night when we met for dinner. We were joined by a Turkish
gentleman friend of hers.  He introduced us to a variety of dishes and, as we
began pushing our chairs back from the table, he asked us what we were
thinking about for the main course. We eventually moved to another restaurant
for dessert and, after a total of five hours of food and conversation, the meal was
We spent an awfully long time getting across to Asia on Saturday — there had
been wrecks on the bridge and the traffic was horrid — but we did get across to
see the summer palace. I presume this is the one you recommended, Mommo.  
On the shore and almost right under the bridge?  It was quite splendid.
The whole vacation was very leisurely and we enjoyed having the daughters so
completely to ourselves, without the distraction of soccer practice or “can I go
over to Nathalie’s” or “did you finish your history project, young lady…”