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Jakarta --
Christopher and Nana went for a walk.  Christopher
took pictures of bugs and flowers.  Apparently, it was
not the most delightful of walks.  Ravines, mud, and
cement streets... Usually the walks are through lovely
parks and jungles  That's Nana in the yellow shirt and
large hat.
We have a grill. May 21, 2006, Christopher cooked steaks
cooked on the grill.   We often have s'mores, as well.
A visit to Bachtiar's house, in honor of Nana's visit.
Nana's birthday cake, the day she arrived in Jakarta.  Arianna
decorated it.

Annaliese in her Jackie O sunglasses.  Not sure of the occasion.  
Take note of the Dr. Pepper.  That's a $2 imported Dr. Pepper.  But
not a Dublin Dr. Pepper.
It is almost time for Christopher and the girls to return to Houston for
the summer break.  Only four more days of school, a quick trip to Bali,
then a long plane ride home.  Nana will return with them to Houston.  

In Jakarta for almost one year, a short re-cap seems in order.  We
arrived on June 30, 2005 (with a pre-arrival trip to Vietnam) and today
is June 3, 2006.  In that time, we have created the website, 24
javalogues, and 12 photo album pages.  We have traveled to Bali,
Pantera Island of the 1000 Islands, Singapore, Australia, and Turkey
as a family, Annaliese has been to Pulau Putri and Bali, and Arianna
traveled around China.  We have acquired only a few things... some
furniture (mostly bookshelves), a ping pong table (just last week),
some framed art, and a few rugs.

Arianna is still playing soccer and has a pick-up game this afternoon.  
She has organized it, reserved the field, and arranged to have the
lights turned on before dark.  10 or 12 other girls will show up.  She
had two friends over last night and they played ping pong, jumped on
the trampoline, and swam for most of the morning.

Annaliese's SAT scores were posted yesterday.  Typical of her, she
blew away the verbal.  Even I am impressed.  She will be making a few
visits to colleges this summer.  She's over at Lara's right now and will
spend the night there.

Christopher and I have been playing tennis on most Saturday and
Sunday mornings.  Christopher is very good about taking a lesson or
two a week.  He cracked his tennis racket two weeks ago and I have
been playing with a 'jr.' racket (small hand grip for my short fingers).  
We both bought new rackets last week -- Saved lots of money by
being perfectly happy with last year's models.  I seem to be suffering
from Tennis Elbow.  So I pop a few ibuprofin before bed, then take a
few as soon as I get up.  It's not entirely successful in diminishing the
pain, but somewhat.

We're disappointed we never managed to convince either of the girls
to write on the javalogue.   Both of them have those other sites that
Christopher and I have to monitor.

It's likely this is the last posting until early August.  

Selamat jalan,

the Javaharts
Javalogue 24:  03 June 2006                       
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