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Houston and San Francisco and Santa Fe and Lyons
On the return to Houston, a three day stop in San
Francisco was in order.  Lombardi Street, better
known to us as 'twisty-curvey street' below, and to
the right is the Golden Gate Bridge.
Annaliese and Christopher went to look at St. John's in
Santa Fe, NM.  Then they went to Estes Park to see
Andrew and his family.  Below you see Annaliese with
Nicholas, Thomas, and Anna.  The book, Not Norman, is
by a friend of ours that just happens to also live in Jakarta!
Andrew, Annaliese, and Jonathon, the youngest Hart,
trying to enjoy the merry-go-round.  Anna, below, enjoys
the attention afforded an only daughter.
Christopher took Annaliese and Barbie to see Trinity University in
San Antonio.  They were most impressed with the new Fine Arts
These pictures below are from a favorite vacation we take
every year for the last 7 or 8 years.  SCHLITTERBAHN!  if
you have never been, you need to consider it.  It is very
relaxing, not too expensive, great fun, a lovely setting (the
old park is our favorite), and our favorite vacation (yes, yes,
repetitious).  We go to New Braunfels and stay at the
resort.  We prefer rooms in the 440-430 area.  We go with
the Jirciks, who somehow didn't make it onto the camera
this year, so no photos of them.  Pictured is Arianna,
Christopher, and Sophie about to be hauled up, way up,
and then let loose on a giant swing.  Believe you me, they
screamed a lot.  The other two pictures are of Gracie and
Gracie and Alissa.  Christopher just happened to stroll out
of our room and who was floating by?  Gracie, Liz, Annie,
and Alissa.  This year, Annaliese brought Emily M. and
Arianna brought Sophie.  In addition to the Jirciks, Liz
Dennis and two of her daughters came.  We have traditions
that have to be followed... One night, we all eat together,
sometimes at a restaurant and sometimes at the resort
(grilling, ordering pizza, etc..)  The other night, the adults
go to The Huisache Grill in New Braunfels and have a very
nice meal.   This year, Alissa had pecan-encrusted pork
chops and so did Christopher.  The spinach salad was
quite good.  That night, the kids have pizza and run around
the resort, swimming, playing at the arcade, and watching
TV.  When we first arrive, we always start at the new park,
because it is our least-favorite and if you don't get there
early to go to the top of master-blaster, you will have to wait
about an hour for a minute-long ride.  Ho-hum. Then we go
(around noon or so) to the other new-ish park, Blastenhof.  
We like it because it has the Crystal River, complete with
colorful alligators.  And then around 4pm, we go to the old
park and that's pretty much where we stay all the next day.  
The day after that, we go to either Prince Solms Park and
float on the river or we go to Gruene and eat lunch and
sometimes we do both!
Not pictured:  "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Arianna and friends... Elizabeth, Francesca, and Jessie.  
They spent the night one night last week.  If you didn't
know it, brown is very popular this year.  Also pictured is
the Herricks' dog. Lucy.  Lucy is a delightful dog, with a
pleasant disposition.  She is very well-behaved and playful.

We are house-sitting for the Herricks and Lucy and the
cat, Mai.  It has been a great experience.  Just being able
to unpack, sleep late, and not worry about anyone else's
schedule have made the vacation fabulous.  And for this
vacation, we aren't even doing much.  Just being in
Houston.  Today we worked in the yard!  Weeded,
weed-whacked, watered, fertilized, and put in some fall
garden tomato plants.

This morning, Annaliese had her four wisdom teeth
removed.  She has faired quite well, it seems.  Only a
minimum of swelling so far, and she is not complaining of
pain.  It's time, in fact, for her next dose of meds... ta ta.
Javalogue 25:  24 July 2006                      Summer Break
the Javalogue
Arianna and her girlfriends.  Sophie, Grace, and Francesca.