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Jakarta --  It's been just about one month since the last update.  The
floods continue to occur whenever there's a heavy rain and go on to
disrupt people's lives, but not to same extent as the February 2-4
floods.  The last few days, we have been also having very high winds,
to the degree that some of the large trees that line a number of the
major avenues are falling over -- more traffic disruptions, as well as
injuries to pedestrians, motorists, etc..  And with the wind comes
winter coats.  I kid you not.  Our staff bundles up like there's a blizzard
outside when we think, "what a delight breeze!"

And yes, the dog has a name:  Banjira.  Bahn-jeer-ah.  Banjir means
flood.  Since she arrived at our house on the 2nd day of the floods, it
seemed most appropriate, as well as the girls could agree to it.  Bajira
is desperate for the cats to play with her.  The cats take great
pleasure in NOT playing.  Banjira is very sweet, loves to chew on
Annaliese, plays fetch with a rope toy almost as big as she is, and has
not made a tremendous amount of progress on the house training.  
Hence she is staying outside for large periods of time.  And that ugly
spot on the top of her head?  Perhaps we should say that big blotch
of ringworm?  Well, now Alissa has one on her neck, and Annaliese  
has just discovered a  tiny one on her arm.  UGH, ugh, ugh.

Alissa went to the clinic and saw a doctor, who looked at it and said it
looked like basal cells.  Alissa said, "Doesn't it look like ringworm?"  
No, she was assured.  Go to the dermatologist.  So dutifully (though
dubiously) she drove over to the dermatologist's.  "Is it ringworm?"  
"Oh, no, and not basal cell either."  He gave her an ointment, which
within 2 days had caused the ringworm to double in size.  Alissa went
back to her own treatment plan... tea tree oil and lotrimin.  And just to
be very clear about this, ringworm is a skin fungus, not a worm.  Not
that a variety of worms are not a problem here, but not this week!

Christopher has been busy organizing the girls' soccer league for the
spring.  He takes great pleasure in how much he hates doing that
type of work.  But he's almost done - just the uniforms to order.

Annaliese is 18 now.  She had a Mardi Gras birthday dinner party on
Saturday the 17th.   She is also in the middle of receiving
acceptances (so far no rejections) to colleges.  St. Edwards, St.
Mary's, and Austin College have all deemed her worthy.  And St.
Edwards and St. Mary's have sweetened the pot with money.  
Javalogue 30:  February and March 2007       
the Javalogue
Annaliese made a king cake to take to school on her birthday.
It's Annaliese!  
She's 18 now!  
She's still fond
of chocolate!
And you can see from the picture below Arianna has had her braces
removed.  She's very happy about that.  Because the braces-removal
and retainers-fitting is two day process, Christopher took Arianna to
Singapore on Friday, February 23rd, and Alissa joined them on the
24th as she had a business meeting in Singapore on Monday the
26th.  Arianna shopped, shopped, shopped.  She likes Zara, Top
Shop, Forever  21, and Esprit.  It was also the final weekend of
Chinese New Year.  It's now the year of the Pig.