Javalogue 33:  Birthday and Soccer 2007       
the Javalogue
She's 14!

It's been a while since we posted anything.  Other than Arianna's trip to Egypt, not too
much has been happening that did not involve Arianna, soccer, Arianna, birthday,
Arianna, soccer...  you get the idea.

So below are an assortment of photos of Arianna having her birthday party, which
she shared with her friend, Megan, whose birthday is the same day.  Arianna is
approximately one hour older.  And there are the obligatory soccer photos.  The
mixed league (yellow) is over and now is the season for the school girls' league (blue
and white).  They played a tournament Saturday at the British International School
and came in 2nd, beat by the other JIS team and friends 1-0 on a goal tapped in
accidentally by one of their own mates.  Both teams were exhausted by then, having
already played 4 other games in full sun.   Lots of sun burns.  We all took naps after
we got home, but we then had to get up and get ready for the birthday party.   

Christopher, Alissa, and Arianna are half way finished with open diving certification.  
Next weekend will be the open dives portion of the training.  We will go to one of the
Thousand Islands, about a two hour boat ride from the Jakarta harbour.  We will be at
the harbour at 7:30 am on Saturday and return about 4:00 pm Sunday.  We should
be able to get in all three certification dives and one "extra" dive.  Our friend, Vicky, is
also taking the classes and will be with us on the trip.

Annaliese had three visitors in Texas this past week, all from her time here in Jakarta.
 Lara, Meghan, and Emma came to visit for Thanksgiving.  They went up to the
woods and spent Thanksgiving with Alissa's parents and Barbie.  They also visited
Christopher's parents earlier in the week.

We went to Megan's house for Thanksgiving, as it is a regular work day here in
Jakarta.  Alissa made a pecan pie and Christopher made brownies for the birthday
girls.  It was a very nice evening.

And way down below are some photos of some of the paintings Christopher has
painted.  He is taking painting lessons with James' mom, Madeleine.  I think he is
doing quite well, but as is typical of Christopher, he is always displeased as he seems
to think he should be Monet overnight.

Also, Christopher is starting his Master of Fine Arts in January.
Megan's mom sent over a pinata -- a big hit!  And practically
indestructible.  The shape is formed with a fine wire mesh.   Below is
James trying to take a swing.  Justin's photo is just below James'.
Below, Arianna and Megan reading birthday cards
while Angela watches.  
To the right
you can see
leaning over
the balcony,
acting as
pinata master.
The kids
wanted to spin
around until
they were
quite dizzy... it
was very
amusing to
watch them
swing (and
flail) to no
avail.  But next
time, we're not
using a bat.  
Too big, too
The kids were
very good at
staying way,
way away from
the 'batter'.
Nikki to the left, Gaute to
the right.  Oliver is lower
right and Natalie is lower
left.  Everyone took two
turns and then we
dumped the candy out...
as Christopher's pole
had just snapped in
half!  TOO, too much
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