Javalogue 35:   Musings on a Wednesday (Alissa on her own in Jakarta, July 2008)
the Javalogue
Musings on a Wednesday, at lunch in Jakarta, on the anniversary of the Ascension of Mohammad (30 July 2008).
Gourmet Garage was my choice for lunch.  I like the idea of eating and then grocery shopping, without having to go get back in the car
to drive somewhere else.
Based on the shape of the building, Gourmet Garage should really be called Gourmet Barn.  But perhaps barn does not translate so
well, and of course the
ggg alliteration would be lost.  I wonder if they considered "Bon Appetit Barn"?
I'm sitting at the balcony so I've a bird's-eye view of the shoppers below (restaurants upstairs, grocery store downstairs). One gentleman,
perhaps Italian, maybe 55 or so, is loading up on boxes of pasta and inspecting a giant (no. 10?) can of tomatoes.   Another woman, with
a large, gray ponytail, is dithering over the fruits... Pick up, put
back, pick up another, put it back... Aahhh, she's reaching for a bag, so perhaps she'll make a purchase after all.
Gourment Garage is a nice alternative to the usual Hero and Ranch Market grocery stores, but is definitely not an "everyday" grocery
store.  Even the grocery carts are small and cute... wicker baskets perched on metal carts.  Definitely not a "load up for the week" cart.
The bill arrives -- so faint is the ink that I have to ask the waiter tell me the total.
A mere Rp.162,690.  A bit pricey for lunch, but then of course they were "sold out" of the less expensive steak I wanted.
I haven't seen a single person I know; a most unusual feat.
While I'm making my purchases (a chicken, lettuces, milk, yoghurt, raspberries, oranges, and a pretzel for Arianna), I take a quick look at
all the aisles, just in case there's something new I might not know I need.  Sadly, nothing jumps out at me so I must be content with what I
intended to buy.  In fact, I should be delighted the store had, more or less, what I had hoped to buy.

Christopher and Arianna arrive home tomorrow afternoon, with a quick stop in Singapore for a visit to the orthodontist.  I've been "home
alone" for three weeks, and that's plenty.  I'll make a roast chicken and salad for their dinner tomorrow, and send the oranges and
pretzel (and water, ginger ale, and Pocari Sweat, as well as cold, damp washcloths) in the car to make their final leg of the trip home
more pleasant.

Editorial Note:
Christopher and Arianna arrived late into Singapore (having circled Moscow for quite a while) and were unable to make the orthodontist
appointment. However, the treats were very much appreciated -- especially the cold washcloths. Since that day, Arianna attended a
five-day soccer camp at school and then began her freshman year of high school, including try-outs for the varsity soccer team.
Christopher has completed his first writing packet of his new school semester (his second semester). And Alissa has contracted a bizarre
rash on her extremities, had a brief but memorable bout of food poisoning, and has been battling a persistent sore throat and mild fever.
Who do you think has been having the most fun?
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