Javalogue 36:   Varsity soccer, Nepal, Christmas
the Javalogue
As we are sure everyone is suffering from withdrawals as we haven't posted a single soccer photo these last six
months... Arianna made varsity soccer;  she went to Kuala Lumpur for a soccer exchange in September and to
Taiwan for the IASAS (International Association blah blah blah) tournament mid-October.  In late September and
early October, she and some friends went to the Philippines to visit a friend that had moved there over the
summer.  THEN in late October, she traveled to Nepal for 9th grade project week.  And... somewhere in there she
found a bit of time to play for the community league, Team Brazil, but mostly she didn't play as schedules
conflicted often and varsity soccer trumped Team Brazil.  And in November, she went to Bangkok for a rugby
exchange, since she also made the varsity rugby team (touch rugby).  And this past Thursday, she went to
Singapore to meet Annaliese, go to the orthodontist and do a bit of shopping.  The last day of school was Friday,
so she's done for the semester.  She and Annaliese will spend the next couple of weeks gallivanting around
Jakarta.  Alissa will take a few days off here and there so we can go to Taman Safari, Taman Mini, and other
touristy places.  
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This is a variety-pack of photos.  Alissa and Vicky at
Vicky's moving-to-Perth party (boo-hoo).  Alissa's rat
nest hair-do she did NOT wear to the Latin Ball.  
Christopher and Alissa ready to leave for the Latin Ball.
One year we all wore red for our Christmas photos.  This year we wore purple.  After the home photo session, we went to the
Dharmawangsa for Sunday brunch.  We had our choice of roast chicken, roast beef, roast lamb chops, steaks and seafood to order,
pepper beef, sechuan shrimp, asparagus soup, mashed potatoes, cap cay, pastas, baba ganoush, tabouli, hummus, salads, sushi,
tarts, ice cream, fruit, a chocolate fountain, and breads.  Then we drove over to
gossip -- the fabric store.  Arianna was bored.
Zorro, the
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Merry Christmas
and a
Happy New Year

from Jakarta, Indonesia