Images Varied (but new, at least)
It has been brought to my attention that I've been neglecting the rest of the website and should,
at the very least, add a few more photos.  Obliging soul that I am, I have done the minimum.
Almost all of these photos date back to June or July
This cake was served to us at our going away
party back in June.  Now that I've studied some
bahasa Indonesia, I'm fairly certain that
jumpa lagi
means "until a type of ant mound
again" (some beguiling colloquialism, I suppose).
We never got around to borrowing this big beach bike on VietNam's China Beach.
This late-afternoon cloudscape hung over the Da Nang airport in Vietnam
as we were leaving.
Photo Album 1
Flowers were sold throughout the streets in DaNang.
This more recent picture was taken at an office
building in Jakarta while I was standing around
waiting for Alissa to come out of a meeting.
In the open-air museum in DaNang we saw this figure
from the Cham culture of VietNam and Cambodia.
I'm curious to know what this street poster in
VietNam is promoting. Perhaps it says, "nuclear
reactors will help us grow tremendous blossoms!"
Sunset in VietNam.  Them two black dots ain't
birds, they's bats.
Koko takes care of our garden, our pool, and is
a great help in the house as well.
                           Ari photo
Nani is our cook and housekeeper.
                                                                                     Ari photo