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Back in Indonesia, Work, 1st Day of School, and Bangkok
August 10th, first day of school.  The bus took forever and the girls were late.  
They are both happy with their classes, so far.
Taking a break at the Marble Temple.  Below
is the interior of the Marble Temple and
school children on a field trip.  And to the
left, Arianna and Alissa through a window.
Photo Album 13
I would take a picture and show you .... but that would require a battle to the death with my sister...
for the digital camera.  Courtesy of Annaliese.  Or perhaps we should call her "hennaliese."
Having been back at
work and in school for a
mere handful of days,
we took ourselves to
Bangkok for the long
holiday weekend.  
Thursday the 17th was
Independence Day,
Friday was an optional
holiday, and Monday is
Mohammed's Ascension.
 We left for Bangkok on
Thursday and returned
on Sunday.  See below
for photos of the
adventure.  Imagine "hot
and humid..."  We aren't
carrying fans for nothing!
Above, resting at the Grand Palace.  Below, Demons.
Boat ride on
the canal and
river.  We
rode in a very
loud boat
down the river
and along a
canal, going
past houses,
other boats, a
few large
lizards, and
the odd
We saw the
Temple of
Dawn, the
picture to the
left with the
boats around
it, as well.
Below are more demons from the Grand Palace.  
Gold leaf and mirrors are used generously.  
Jewelry shopping... the
middle bracelet, full of
"fancy sapphires" was