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India!  The trip begins at the airport.  Below is a sample of what
awaits the visitor to Kuala Lumpur's state-of-the-art airport.  
Photo Album 16:  India March 2007  
the Javalogue
And on the train from Delhi to Agra.  It was a 6:00 a.m.
departure to Agra from the bustling Delhi train station.
To the right is the first part of the Taj Mahal complex we
saw.  The low red buildings were, over a period of 22
years, built to house the construction workers and
artisans.  Yes, that's right.  22 years.  See the little white
domes?  One for each year of construction.  The space
you see is a mere 1/8th of the expanse of red buildings
that form a giant square.  The large red building is the
entrance gate to the Taj Mahal.  The red stone is used
extensively in this part of India.
It is stunning.  It made me stop in my tracks (see above left picture).
The Red Fort, below, and to the right, the view of the Taj Mahal as seen from Shah
Jahan's "prison quarters" at the Red Fort after he was imprisoned by his son.