Jakarta -- 23-31 May 07
An Influx of Relatives

Heady times, these.
We're approaching the end of the school year. For Annaliese,
actually, the school year is already over. Prom, as you'll see on this
page, was an affair to recall occasionally. Then there was an influx of
Texans, here for the graduation. Annaliese gave the invocation
speech to the 1200+ attendees of the ceremony (see grainy footage
captured on the monitors). We've ventured around town, shopping,
taking them for the obligatory massages, and mixing with the locals
(see the gentleman in the loin cloth, below).
Yesterday, 30May07, Annaliese flew with the visitors (Cynthia,
Susan, and Josie -- my mother, sister, and niece) to Bali. Alissa,
Arianna, and Christopher will follow tonight and we'll all stay through
Sunday evening. By then we'll have many more photos.
spring time, prom, graduation 2007, and visitors
the Javalogue
Photo Album 18:  Relativity                
Josie specifying the particulars with Pupun,
the dressmaker
It's all in the look -- Susan, the esteemed representative from Irian Jaya, Josie, and Mommo
Naga and Jo (not necessarily in that order)
Cynthia, hiding behind the driver's seat so
she can't see the oncoming traffic -- because
traffic here is almost always truly oncoming.
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