Egypt - October 2007

Arianna left on her trip to
Egypt on Thursday, October
11th.  She returned on
Friday, October 19th.  This
was her third (and final)
Middle School travel club
trip.  Year 1 - China, Year 2
- South Africa, and now
Year 3 - Egypt.
Ari's Egypt Trip  --  or I don't Sphinx so
the Javalogue
Ari Egypt
Photo Album 20                
Here we are at the Sphinx,
located behind and to the
right of the pyramid. That's
me - Arianna - being your
tour guide. We got about two
yards/meters away from it.
On the top right you see
the picture of a girl and two
men, showing us how to
make PAPYRUS. This was
at the Pharoanic Village,
where we road on a boat
to view what they thought
might be and average day
in Ancient Egypt. I would
tell you the steps, but I
can't really remember them
all. Sorry. Below that
picture is the only waterfall
in all Egypt, and
apparently it's man-made.
To the left, and a little
above is a boat that they
found a few meters under
the Giza Pyramids. Below
this picture is a mold, or
mock of a Tutankhamun
Below the waterfall photo is
the sun setting over what
used to be an ocean floor
-- now the desert in which
we camped out for one
Above are two of my friends, just
goofing off. To the left is one of the
step pyramids. The guards here were
very strict, and would spazz out if
anyone came closer than two meters to
the step pyramids.
To the left we're back at the
Pharoanic Village, and I'm not
sure what's going on here, but it
looks interesting. All I know is they
are passing a baby. The left were
the pyramids, from our hotel view.
What a view. Below are the
Whirling Dervishes. This was a
special event that we had to ask
for. We were having dinner on a
boat, floating down the Nile, and
saw this wonderful presentation.
Here we are at the Temple of Luxor, or the Luxor
Temple, where we strolled around gazing at the lit-up
monuments and statues. Below to the right, my
friend Natasha and I are sitting in a carriage leading
us to the Temple of Luxor. The rest of the photos
were also taken at the Temple of Luxor.
These photos were taken in
Luxor, not too far from the Valley
of the Kings. The photo to the left
is in the Karnak Temple, also
famous for their light-and-sound
show. We did go and see it, but I
had ''lost'' my camera that
evening. The right are three of
my friends again, doing I'm not
sure what...
Below is a little more than half of
the students/group from JIS that
went to Egypt. We are at the
Luxor Temple, where we are
being told about the royal
Pharaohs and Queens. To the
right again is in the Karnak
Temple, where these pillars were
about 20-25 meters high.
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