Christmas Eve was celebrated just a bit early, on
December 19th.
Annaliese arrived in Jakarta on the 17th   Yippee!  
Christmas 2007 - aka Vietnam and Cambodia
the Javalogue
Christmas, etc. 2007
Photo Album 21                
Here we are at the Sphinx,
located behind and to the
right of the pyramid. That's
me - Arianna - being your
tour guide. We got about two
yards/meters away from it.
Arianna is not taller than Annaliese, despite her
best efforts at growing.
Annaliese hauled a variety of
presents with her to Jakarta.  
Here we are at the Temple of Luxor, or the Luxor
Temple, where we strolled around gazing at the lit-up
monuments and statues. Below to the right, my
friend Natasha and I are sitting in a carriage leading
us to the Temple of Luxor. The rest of the photos
were also taken at the Temple of Luxor.
Now on to Vietnam and Cambodia ...
Ok, we lied.  You have to go to another page to see Cambodia.  Photo Album 22
The KL
City Hall
Our Hotel.
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