Children from a small school by the airport sang Christmas carols.  
Christmas Eve dinner was by candlelight... a multi-course affair.
Christmas 2007 - Cambodia
the Javalogue
Photo Album 22                
Here we are at the Sphinx,
located behind and to the
right of the pyramid. That's
me - Arianna - being your
tour guide. We got about two
yards/meters away from it.
So that's Angkor Wat.  It's
the best known of many
temples in the area.  
Christopher and Alissa
went to Angkor Wat on
Christmas Eve afternoon,
while the girls stayed back
at the hotel.  It was hot and
humid, but a breeze would
blow just often enough to
make it bearable.
A row of puppets at the local market.  We bought one.  Below, Christmas Day on a
tour of the smaller temples and buildings of Angkor.  Arianna chose to stay at the
hotel and watch soccer on the TV.
Angkor Thom is famous
because of the huge trees
growing on top of the
buildings.  The roots all but
encase some parts of it.  
Apparently, it was made
even more famous by some
movie, Laura Croft or
something. We heard a lot
about where Angelina stood,
went, sat....
How many faces
do you see?
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