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Anak Krakatau means child of Krakatau.  A massive explosion in 1883 obliterated almost all of what were three volcanoes in the Sunda
Straits. In 1930, after a few false starts, a new volcano arose from the water on the same site -- Anak Krakatau, now about 1300 feet tall.

The photo below shows a cliff on the last sliver of what was Krakatau. We went snorkeling and diving there.  A very nice reef is right along the
cliff.  We were completely amazed at the show Anak Krakatau put on for our visit.  Booms, hisses, belches... grey smoke, white smoke,
sometimes blue smoke (need to look that up - suspect it was not safe at all) -- and at night - red ejecta flares.  The trip was about diving at
Anak Krakatau, but it became more about watching Anak Krakatau.  Arianna goes on a week-long school trip and will be snorkeling at the
same place.
Anak Krakatau - April 25 - 27, 2008
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Anak Krak
Photo Album 23          
On the boat, after the Safety Briefing Friday night.  It's a 2 1/2 hour drive to Anyer, and then
we ate dinner, then we went on the sail boat.  It slept 10 + 4 crew.  The Cecilia Ann. It's about
a 2 - 3 hour sail to Anak Krakatau.
On Anak
The back side.
Arianna had a rugby tournament -- she made the winning try to
win the tournament on Saturday.  Christopher took photos
Friday afternoon.
Roy took the photo above (and later clarified that it's a composite of several photos).
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