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Spring Break  March 2008       Australia and Switzerland
the Javalogue
Photo Album 24  
Christopher and Alissa headed down to Melbourne and Cairns for Spring Break.  Fall,
of course, in the southern hemisphere.  These three photos are from Melbourne, in a
park near the city center, in which there is, yes, that's right, the house of Captain
Cook's parents.  Back in the 1930s, some folks got it into their heads to take apart
Captain Cook's parents' house, crate it in barrels, and haul it to Melbourne, Australia.  
It's not the house he was raised in... it's more like their retirement cottage.  Before or
after the Captain lost his head in Hawaii, we don't know.
Christopher suited
up for his first night
Mailing postcards
from the Cook's
Cottage Mailbox
seemed a popular
So we did.
When we named this page "Spring Break - Australia and Switzerland,"
we rather expected Arianna would eventually provide us with a few
photos of her ski trip to Saas Fe in the Swiss Alps. We're still waiting.