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End of School  May/June 2008       Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, and Bali
the Javalogue
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This is Banjira. She is a dog of some
sort. She does good-dog things and
bad-dog things. She has a variety of
chewable play- toys and will often
attempt to fit them all in her mouth
simultaneously. They don't all fit.
While in Jakarta, the college girls had a bit of leisure time, so they took up some artistic pursuits (when they weren't shopping).
They attended a meeting of the Indonesian Heritage Society that culminated in a bit of music-making on the traditional bamboo
instrument called the "anklung." (You flibble that bottom bit back and forth furiously and makes a lovely, solid wind-chime
sounding tone.) They also joined Christopher for a day of abstraction in the art studio.
At the far left is a detail from Annaliese's
work, which she did NOT call "A New House
for the World 2," although she could have.
The piece above is one of the two paintings
Barbie created.
Upon completing their first year of university studies, Annaliese and Barbie took the 30-hour trip to join us in celebrating the
end of school.  All were on hand for Arianna's "Moving On" ceremony, signalling her passage from middle school to hijinks.
We went to nearby Bogor and Bandung for a long weekend. We stopped at the gong "factory," where Barbie lent a hand in the
manufacture of the gong we bought. You can see the final product below.
The big bamboo is in the vast and lovely (and, when we were there, mosquito-infested) Bogor Botanical Gardens.
As seems to be our tradition (three years running), we dashed off to Bali for a few days before returning to the U.S. for the summer.
While there, this kindly monkey cosmetologist gave Barbie a banana creme rinse and scalp massage -- all for the cost of a snack.
Many authentic goods are available for purchase in Bali, if you know where to look.
When it comes to flip-flops, you might even have a choice.
Here's Barbie in the sacred monkey forest in
Ubud. Surprisingly, there are no monkeys in
sight. That's mostly because we'd given away
all our fruit by then.
Isn't it interesting how very slight positioning
of the lips can make the difference between
appearing fierce or foolish?
We went to a silver-jewelry factory in central
Bali -- the factory is known for being
conscientious about the culture, the
environment, and its employees.  The ladies
below (Alissa, Arianna, and Annaliese) are
entering the architecturally unique showroom.