Images Balinese
Photographs on this page were taken during our (first) trip to the island of Bali.  Bali is the closest
large island east of Java and, unlike Java, is about 85% Hindu.  Elements of the indigenous religions
and Hinduism color the art, architecture, and textiles in what is already a dramatic landscape.
Local statuary or Arianna in one of her moods?
Jalan jalan - a beach stroll.               
Small shrines of this sort abound
throughout Bali. This one was on the
hotel grounds.  We often spotted staff
members stepping up to the shrine to
replenish small foodstuffs and incense.
Photo Album 2
At the hotel, but still reasonably authentic.  
Arianna at T minus five seconds.
Arianna lifts off.
She probably didn't need an instructor
along, but rules are rules.
Annaliese's turn to take wing.
Touchdown for Annaliese.
Some idea of the scale --
big boat, near; parasailing Alissa, far.
Alissa, on approach.
Christopher, either coming or going,
neither here nor there.
Christopher floating away.