No Rhyme, Little Reason
I have recently learned that our web-visitors want to see more photos of the girls, the house, and
the furniture, rather than laborers, stacks of material, and would-be esoterica.
I say, simply, here you go...
The back porch back before we lived here.  The
big difference now is that we had a table made
to sit under that ceiling fan.  That's the table, in
the photo just below.
This is called an Indonesian day bed (well... that's what we call it, anyway).
We had it made about a month ago and the accompanying cushions arrive
next week.
Photo Album 3
We recently hosted a Halloween party, but set the
camera aside after the second set of guests arrived. So
here's a hark back several Halloweens ago.
The photo below is the early stage of stair-decorating.
This more recent picture was taken at an office
building in Jakarta while I was standing around
waiting for Alissa to come out of a meeting.
Faced with the
existing yellow-
and-blue color
scheme in the
guest bathroom,
the decorating
options were
few.  The natural
choice: rubber
We planted these morning glories on Annaliese's
balcony in August. Now they spill over the
railing and drape the steps to the front door.
Arianna's bed is the one on the left.  She never sleeps
under the covers -- she hasn't for years.  She also keeps
her room at about 24 degrees C.  Annaliese sleeps
under as many covers as there are in the room.  This
picture doesn't do justice the rich colors of this
bedspread she found.  Christopher and Alissa have a
new bedspread, pillows, and dust ruffle, too.  But we
must save something for the next round of pictures.
You have to have (unsmiling) passport-style
photos for everything over here.  For better
or worse, we had tons of these made.
This may or may not have been the run-up
to her school-record-breaking jump.
Okay, so this is a
picture from last
spring.  But it fills
this awkward space.