Ho hum... We couldn't think of anything more interesting to do, so we went back to Bali for a week.
Arianna was in China this same week (I'll get those pictures scanned and loaded soon enough) and
although Annaliese was also on Bali, she was with a friend's family; we never saw her. This visit to Bali
began in late October -- four weeks after the most recent Bali bombing.  The tourists were few, the
hotels cheap, the vendors anxious for a sale, and everyone was frustrated or outraged that misguided
militant miscreants had dealt the island another blow.  Just to be helpful, we bought tons of stuff.
I spoke (in bahasa Indonesia) with this mother of
six and her eight-year-old as they distributed
offerings to the many Hindu shrines in the paddies
surrounding our bungalow in Ubud, central Bali.
This handsome feller is telling us much with his
hands. For better or worse, we never learned
how to interpret the elaborate body language
accompanying Balinese speech.
Photo Album 4 -
Bali Who Too
An elaborate, two-meter wide kite.
A chain of three volcanoes in north central Bali.
Even in the off-track, rural areas, wood-carvers
and artists plied their trade on the roadside.
We took a 40km (mostly downhill) bicycle ride from the northern Bali volcanoes to Ubud through
rural backroads.  This depicts 40% of a small village which was typical in construction and layout.
Sunrise over Lake Batur -- a huge caldera next to the three volcanoes you saw pictured above.
The ubiquitous offerings -- found
in the road, on a shrine, in any
doorway, often underfoot.
2-ft. long banana flowers
Sacred monkeys, nowhere near our backyard.
Mangoes in our backyard
The stars of our show, in the
Sacred Monkey Forest,
distrusting our photographer.
Purty purty flowers (I took
dozens more pictures of these).
Pedalling through the rice paddies and fields. That's
Alissa, in the pink (although her face was red).