Annaliese's world view...
From left to right - Maria, Lara and Meghan. I think I took this
picture, but regardless of photographers, this is at Muse for Kat's
16th birthday party.
This was taken to illustrate the extreme sun burn mom
got last weekend at Ari's game. I didn't go and didn't get
burned, not one bit. Mom's still peeling, it's icky.
Photo Album 6
My mommy and I are standing by our
Christmas tree. She looks scary from her
sunburn. I'm taller than she is. HAH.
I like this pictures so I have it too.
This is Boris and as I still think he's
very attractive, I've decided to
include him. He's Bulgarian like
Viktor Krum but better.
There's surprisingly less here than I thought there was going to be. Oh well. I'll take more pictures
at some point and then there will be more here.