Response from "Dad":
If she wants her typo
and that other mistake
on the record for all the
world to see, far be it
from me to amend it.
Besides, I think "upset"
is perhaps a bit strong.
Perturbed maybe, even
put out, but certainly
not "upset." I mean...
the very notion
Photo Album 7 - More
Annaliese's World View
This is all the page will allow, other wise I'd have been here all day. Dad will have undoubtedly         
checked my quality control, because anything less that perfect upsets him.
The stuff at the top is my room, then's Ari, Nikki,
and me on a rock at Puncak, then me on Christmas
morning, then the fambly on Christmas eve. Yay.
and don't miss album 8: Terra Australis