Western Australia Adventures (actually pretty low-key)
Koalas!  Pictures of Koalas.  Pictures of us with Koalas.
They have stiff fur.
We went to a wildlife park:  llamas, koalas, kangaroos,
peacocks.  We never did ask what the name of the tree
with the amazing purple blossoms is.  The tree is
everywhere and the purple is almost neon in its brilliance.
Other brilliant flora.  Each of these blossoms is big as a tomcat's head (or something).
We stayed in the cottage to the left, next to the white car (our
rented Ford Falcon, which I drove on the other side of the road,
only occasionally turning on the windshield wipers instead of the
turn signal). The property is also a small alpaca-breeding farm.
The alpacas had been shorn about a week before we arrived,
hence their poodle/goat appearance.
Photo Album 8